AirPitches and GBYSL

AirPitch inflatable fields are coming to GBYSL Recreational this Spring!!! U7 and younger games will be played with AirPitch systems. In addition to looking awesome and being a ton of fun, these systems keep the ball in play almost the entire game, giving players many more touches on the ball which accelerates development and increases enjoyment of the game.

3v3 football is the most effective training environment for young players. It increases ball-touches, passing, and scoring. The kids learn to be quick on their feet and to keep the ball moving fast. All modern coaches are using this in daily training for more effective technical development and kids have been playing it in the streets, parks, and gardens since the beginning of the game.

  • 83% ball rolling time.  3v3 AirPitch football is the most effective training environment for young players
  • 102 touches per player.  Every modern football coach knows that ball-touches are key to technical development.
  • 2300 steps per game. 3v3 AirPitch football is intense and all players, regardless of skill level, are actively involved.

The AirPitch is a new inflatable boundary system developed for small sided soccer training games. Already in use by Manchester City, Arsenal, RB Liepzig and more! Small sided training and 3v3 tournaments with AirPitches are creating a huge buzz in Europe….now they have landed in the USA – right here in Reno!

Says Pep Guardiola on the benefits of small-sided games and training in reduced spaces : “The benefit to training in smaller spaces is you don’t give players time to think. Football is not played with one or two touches, drive the ball or dribble, it’s about making the right decisions at the right moment. Sometimes you must take two touches, sometimes one, sometimes a dribble, sometimes you must take six touches. Every single action is completely different. That’s the key.” With AirPitch inflatable boundaries the ball is in play almost the entire game allowing each player’s touches on the ball increase dramatically!