Great Basin Youth Soccer Constitution

1:01:01 This Association is incorporated as Great Basin Youth Soccer League also known as GBYSL.

1:02:01 The Purpose of GBYSL shall be to educate, develop, promote and administer the Game of Soccer among boys and girls of nineteen (19) years of age and below within the area defined as north of Tonopah, Nevada.

1:03 GBYSL shall be an affiliated branch of and shall comply with the authority of US Youth Soccer (USYS), US Club Soccer, US Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Membership will include US Club Soccer, SAY, AYSO and another FIFA approved Federation entity.

1:04:01 GBYSL membership shall be open to any soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators and officials not subject to suspension under USYS/USSF/US Club, SAY and other entities mentioned above, bylaws, and to any amateur soccer organization in its territory.

1:05:00 AUTHORITY:
1:05:01 GBYSL shall be governed by its constitution, bylaws, and policy, except when these are superseded by USYS/US Club Soccer/US Soccer/USSF.
1:05:02 The GBYSL governing authority shall be vested with the Board of Directors (BOD), as defined in the GBYSL bylaws.

1:06:01 The GBYSL President shall call an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held prior to July 31st of each year.
1:06:02 The Secretary is to distribute proposed amendments and modifications to the voting membership no less than thirty (30) days prior to the AGM.
1:06:03 Quorum:
1:06:03:01 A quorum of the Executive Board must be present for the transaction of business at an AGM. Fifty one percent (51%) is the quorum requirement of the Executive Board. The League Secretary will also establish the number of votes needed for a simple majority. The President may extend the registration until a quorum is established. Extended registration will end immediately following the establishment of a quorum. In addition, the President may continue to do business with the approval of the delegates remaining in the meeting if a quorum is lost in the course of meeting.

1:07:01 Amendments and modification to the constitution and bylaws can only be made by a simple majority of the Executive Board.
1:07:02 Proposed amendments and modifications to the constitution and bylaws presented at the AGM may be amended at the meeting by the maker of the proposed change prior to the vote.
1:07:03. Any member in good standing may submit proposed changes, with rationale, to the existing constitution and bylaws to the GBYSL office. These proposed changes are to be submitted in writing to arrive at the GBYSL office no later than sixty (60) days prior to the AGM. On agreement of fifty one percent (51%) of the body, an urgent proposal that was not submitted sixty (60) days prior to the AGM may be
1:07:04 The Executive Board shall, from time to time, with due cause, make temporary rules and regulations for specific cases or occasions not provided for in the constitution, bylaws, general procedures and specific rules, but which are deemed necessary by the Executive Board, to carry out the objectives of GBYSL.

July 9, 2012
November 11, 2020