How much does it cost to play in GBYSL Recreational and what is included?
$125 for cash or e-check payments and $130 for credit card payments. The registration fee includes 8-10 weeks of practice and games, uniform, medal and team/individual photo.
Where is the Recreational Registration link for the upcoming season?
How many soccer programs does GBYSL run throughout the year?
GBYSL is an outdoor soccer program and we run a Fall and Spring season of outdoor practice and games. Our game seasons coordinate with the Washoe County School District traditional calendar. Our spring season begins late March/early April and finishes approximately the second weekend of June. Our fall season begins late July/early August and finishes approximately the last weekend of October.
How are teams formed?
We form our teams based on the zip code you submit as your address during registration. I there are enough children in your area to form a team, the practice session will be that zip code.
When and where will practices be held?
Our coaches are volunteers and therefore they chose the practice day, time and location. Practices begin approximately two weeks prior to the start of the games. Once your child is assigned to a team, the coach of the team will email you with team practice information
What if our child is placed upon a team that does not have a coach assigned by the beginning of practice?
We make every effort to recruit a parent volunteer for each team. Our league is a volunteer-based league and all teams are formed with the intent to have a parent coach the team. If we cannot assign a coach after repeated attempts to request a parent to step up to coach, then we reach out to some of our affiliated clubs. If we cannot find a coach, which is rare, then we either move your child to a nearby team with an opening or we offer you a refund of your registration fee.
How does the league determine the uniform size for my child?
We order age appropriately sized uniforms for each player per the parent request during the registration process. The coach will distribute the uniforms to all players prior to the start of games.
Registration refund program

Registration fee refunds can be awarded to individual players ONLY under the following circumstances:

1. 100% refund will be issued up until the close of league registration.
2. 50% refund will be issued until the first game of the season.
3. No refund after the first game of the season.

Refund Procedure: A written refund request sent to our email address, The date the email is received by GBYSL is considered the date of the request for refund. The League Treasurer will issue a refund check to the parent/guardian as soon as possible.

Can you provide a better description of where your office located at 5301 Longley Lane?
Our exact office location is 5301 Longley Lane, Building A, Suite #5. We do not have signage on the top of the building. Our front door faces Longley Lane directly across the street from The Fitness Connection gym. Our next-door neighbor does have signage on the building facia. We are next door to George and Sons Garage Doors. Please look for their sign and you will see us in Suite 5.
Where is the current game schedule found?

The current game schedule can be found at this link.

What is the TOPSOCCER program?
TOPSoccer is a modified version of the game of soccer that is designed to provide opportunities for ALL athletes with disabilities. TOPSoccer program provides affordable opportunities for fitness, fun, and building self-esteem by providing modifications made to the game. TOPSoccer offers a one-on-one assistance that is available to those who are in need of it through a trained buddy system. GBYSL is promoting the development of this program for individuals throughout northern Nevada.
I haven’t heard from my coach yet. When will I be contacted?
Please be patient. Since our coaches are volunteers, they will communicate to the team once they have obtained their practice field, time of practice and day(s) of the week for practice. If we are less than two weeks from the start of games, please contact the GBYSL office directly.

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