Great Basin Youth Soccer League Introduces AirPitches for U7 and Below Games


Great Basin Youth Soccer League Introduces AirPitches for U7 and Below Games

March 13th, 2023 – Reno, NV – Great Basin Youth Soccer League (GBYSL) is excited to announce the introduction of AirPitches for all U7 and below games, starting this upcoming Spring season. AirPitches are inflatable soccer boundaries that provide a safe and fun environment for young soccer players to develop their skills.

With AirPitches the ball is in play 83% of the game, much more than a traditional small-sided soccer game where the ball is frequently going out of play.  Because the ball is in play so much more, players experience more time with the ball – on average 102 touches per player per game!  AirPitch soccer has been shown to be the most effective environment for developing young soccer players.

“We are thrilled to adopt AirPitches for our U7 and younger games.” says Randy Ritter, President of GBYSL “This new format increases ball-touches, player engagement and scoring, making the games not only more fun for the kids but also better for their soccer development!”

Unlike indoor soccer fields with solid walls, AirPitch boundaries are soft and forgiving, while still providing non-stop action.  GBYSL will be setting up AirPitches outdoors on natural grass fields for the Spring 2023 Recreational League season.  On average, a player takes 2,300 steps in an AirPitch game.  The games are action-packed and all players, regardless of skill level, are actively involved…playing, running and getting fit.  

With over 4,700 recreational player registrations per year, GBYSL has served the youth soccer community for over 38 years.  Already the largest soccer league in the state of Nevada, news of the implementation of AirPitches for the youngest players, is already creating a buzz.

“GBYSL has always been on the leading edge of youth soccer in Nevada.  With the addition of AirPitches, we are proud to be the organization raising the standard for youth soccer yet again.”  said Richard Jay, League Commissioner of GBYSL. “The developmental, safety and fitness benefits for the players is undeniable….and the kids have so much fun!  They get excited just looking at the AirPitches getting inflated!  Providing programs like this to our community is what GBYSL is all about, and we can’t wait to see them in use starting in April!”  Opening day for GBYSL is April 8th, 2023.

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