Registration Links

How to register: Returning players 



1. Log in to GotSport with the same user ID and password from last season 
2. Select the player that you are going to register 
3. Look through the player’s information that you filled out last season. Please update any
information that has changed 
4. Make sure that the information for the emergency contact you listed is still the same.
Update anything that has changed 
5. Make sure the players medical information is up to date 
6. List what school the player will be attending 
7. Include any special requests or any additional notes you’d like to for us to know *If the
player wants to stay on the same team from last season be sure to include that here* 
8. Choose a uniform size *Please make sure to choose the correct size* 
9. Please read through the parent code of conduct 
10. Select your form of payment and read the refund policy so you are aware.
11. Check out.
12. You will receive an email from Gotsport if you successfully registered.

NEW PLAYERS! How To Register

1. Create a GotSport account
2. Fill out the player’s information
3. Fill out the parent/guardian’s information
4. Add an emergency contact
5. Add any of the player’s medical information
6. List the school that the player attends
7. Choose a uniform size *Please make sure to choose the correct size*
8. Include any special requests you would like us to know about when prompted. This is a
required field.
9. Read through and fill out form R002
10. Choose your payment method and check out
11. You will receive an email from gotsports if you successfully registered.